Tuesday, February 19, 2013

perks of a city

Christchurch is laid back, much slower lifestyle than Jersey, and I think, maybe even parts of Indiana. We're loving the summer events like The Wind in the Willows, an outdoor play in the river, pretty cool. Even with the devastation from the earthquakes, the rebuild has turned something pretty difficult into an opportunity to be creative and innovative. 

Eventually, I want to end up in the country, small farm house outside a city would be sweet. But for now, we're happy in the city, within walking distance of our favorite Thai and able to bike everywhere.

Technically, only two weeks left of summer so living up NZ iced coffees (left photo). Come visit, and we'll go get one.


  1. Outdoor plays, within walking distance of Thai!?! Very cool. However, may not be as cool as groovy Warsaw, IN. -- We saw Grand Funk Railroad at the outdoor ampitheater/Center Lake Park and are within walking distance of Penguin Point! ;) Hmm ... I guess it is a draw, since that coffee beats anything we have in town.

    1. for reals, gotta love warsaw & the lake. plus, i know this really cute family of four who make it even better :)

  2. It's a mysterious wonder how suffering and tragedy breeds the best kinds of innovation and creativity...that was the topic of a book I read last week, "Drops like Stars".