Wednesday, April 10, 2013

messy dishes

These are the messy dishes, in my peripheral, staring at me while I type. Sharing them today in a step to be honest. Oh Shauna Niequist, as if I didn't already love everything you write, but especially gripped by your recent article, articulating the beauty and pains of social media:

"For many of us, walking away from the Internet isn’t an option. But using it to connect instead of compare is an option, and a life-changing one. Using technology to build community instead of building carefully-curated images of ourselves is an option, and a worthwhile one."

Such a freeing and convicting reminder. It's pretty easy for me to be critical of others social media boundaries, but what about myself? How do I share my life, publicly and privately? And in what ways might it be discouraging others?

So these dishes, a pathetic attempt (especially considering I edited the photo -- baby steps, friends), but still a turn in the right direction. This is my opening to the disorderly, untidy parts of my life. Especially in a new country, in young friendships, choosing to share both joys and struggles without anything in return.

p.s. Shauna's new book Bread & Wine was released today in the States. I get my copy in three weeks - can't decide whether to be thankful or annoyed with international shipping. Excited either way.


  1. Love this. Passing it along. Love you. Wishing I didn't have to pass you along to NZ.

    1. love you, keep passing until you get here already. i'm not sure that even makes sense, but seriously, come take a working holiday? please?