Wednesday, April 3, 2013

my brother curt

This month my brother Curt and his cute family are moving to Billings, Montana. Their journey to this point has involved a lot of waiting, twists and turns. I'm amazed by their patience, not surprised by God's faithfulness. On Easter Sunday, he wrote this challenging and comforting post. It's really good.

I love you, Curt. Wish I could help pack or make meals since your kitchen is in boxes. Can't wait for a chance to visit your new home.

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  1. Tonight we had a good-bye/send-off party at our church in Larwill -- what a blessing! At the party Moses, amped-up on juice, bounced around and head-butted a highchair ... still a bit early to be certain but I think it will develop in to a sweet blackeye. And yes, the kitchen is in boxes! So maybe you could send us pie(s)? It would be a fun challenge to see if we (read me) could live on pie (and coffee) for a week and a half. ;)