Thursday, March 15, 2012

seattle, part one

The first time Logan and I visited Washington state was prior to our honeymoon cruise to Alaska. We spent four days on Whidbey Island, which we loved, but didn't really get to experience Seattle. Since Logan had a reading week, we thought it was perfect timing to visit family and see Seattle.

It was a great spring break, I mean, reading week. We lucked out with mostly clear skies and sunny weather. We saw Mount Rainier and the Olympic mountains almost everyday. We loved seeing Jolie and Steve, seeing a glimpse of their new life in Seattle. We're glad they chose Seattle over NYC, seems such a good fit for them. We're so happy that they're happy and loving Seattle. We loved our time with them, goofy and ridiculous as usual. We've been so blessed to see so much of family this year.

While traveling home, Logan and I tried to decide who wins: east coast vs. west coast. The conversation turned into what we love (Maine, California beaches, fish tacos) and what we don't love (east coast traffic, crowded, LA traffic). Seattle is added to west coast love, with its pretty mountains, random lakes, manageable traffic and population. Such an easy-going city. Plus, Seattle loves soccer (we went to a Sounders game). Logan loves soccer.

Get ready for tomorrow, a post filled with photos of places we visited and the food we ate (this is all I do in cities, seriously).

Oh, and if you are wondering whether I love the coasts more than the midwest, don't worry. The midwest is like the cream in the middle of an oreo. I will always love that flat land and its wonderful people.

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