Friday, March 16, 2012

seattle, part two: favorite places

Seattle is a great place to visit. Seriously, go plan a trip right now. It especially was fun to hang out with family and also visit my study abroad best friend Colleen. It's really light and breezy beginning of spring. As I mentioned, we saw the mountains every day. Next time we visit, we'll come back during the summer so we can hike parts of Mount Rainier (which still has a ton of snow so you can't go far up this early in spring). Plus, I want to go back and visit Whidbey Island some day. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about how many awesome places there are in the world to visit that you're unsure about visiting a place twice. We'd definitely go back to Seattle.

1. Paseo (middle row, second photo from right)
Imagine yummy, dripping caribbean roast sandwiches with thick grilled onions, cilantro, pickled jalapenos on toasty bread. Yummy.

2. Thai Toms (bottom row, first photo from right)
I am not kidding the best panang curry and pad thai in the world. See that man with the wok in the first row of photos. That was right in front of my seat, loved it. I would eat there everyday if I could. Super inexpensive Thai food with such an amazing experience.

3. Top Pot (bottom row, second photo from left)
Old fashioned donuts, get it.

4. Athenian Inn (middle row, first photo from left)
Located in Pike Place, ordered tuna tacos, clear view of the Olympic mountains from our seats. Logan ordered some awesome fish and chips (I actually wish I ordered that). A stool is dedicated to where Tom Hanks sat in a scene from Sleepless in Seattle.

5. Vietnamese Pho
All over Seattle there are little Vietnamese family restaurants. I haven't had Pho (noodle-y goodness soup) since I went to Philadelphia for a mission trip in high school. Still yummy.

6. Seattle Sounders (bottom photo, first photo from left)
Seattle's soccer team is the Sounders. We lucked out and were able to attend the first competitive game of the season. It was incredible. The fans were super fun. It's great to see people get really into soccer. If we lived in Seattle, we would totally want season tickets, so fun.

7. Pike's Place (top row, second photo from right)
Like everyone and their mom, I loved Pike's Place. There are these gorgeous bouquets of flowers (filled with daffodils right now), tons of yummy food, and just good stuff. If you look closely, there are definitely daffodils planted on roofs. That's my favorite.

Seriously, wish I could go back to these places again, and again, and again.

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