Thursday, May 2, 2013


We went away last week. Thanks to Anzac Day (like Memorial Day), left Thursday at noon, headed south. It's autumn, the further we drove, the more obvious it became. Crisp air, changing leaves. By dusk, we were in Queenstown.

The next morning, we climbed a hill, froze at the top, the mountains screamed hallelujah, covered in red, orange and yellow. An afternoon in Arrowtown, even more vibrant, then rain. Refuge in a little cafe, reading in a corner, curled up on an old church bench. When we headed back to Queenstown, as the clouds cleared, the Remarkables now covered in snow, completely new.

Our last morning, not ready to leave, a walk through the gardens, the rest spent in a warm cafe, reading, writing, so thankful.


  1. Poetic reflections. It all looks like a dream!

  2. Fantastic pictures. I just learned about Anzac Day. One of the families from the church gave us Anzac cookies (biscuits I guess is what ya'll call them, but they were the cookie the families would have sent to their loved ones in the war). The family picked up the recipe a number of years ago while sailing through your neck of the woods. They were delicious, and made us think of you guys. :)